Dark Souls II

Evolution is a term that can best describe the new installment of the Grand Theft Auto series. Rockstar has outdone itself by integrating three characters as the main protagonists and have created a living breathing world that not many games have ever done.

Presentation: Grand Theft Auto V follows three characters and their misadventures to make money; Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Michael and Trevor have a history together and Rockstar has done the best job with regards to storytelling in the GTA series. Franklin a wannabe thug tired of making little money stumbles upon the other characters and together they roam around Los Santos wreaking havoc in attempting to get the next big store.

Like other GTA games you go around looting people, getting even and getting in car chases. The difference this time that most of the time you can switch characters on the fly to see what they are up to at the same time your other characters are being controlled. This evolution makes the game feel even bigger as this sparks the player to become curious what Trevor is up to or what kind of trash talking Franklin and his friend are fighting about. Michael, the real main character, is a sympathetic character due to the fact that he has a family that causes him lot of stress.

The GTA world is expansive and there are quite a few things to do besides the normal missions and they include: paragliding, boat racing, motorcycle and car races, hunting, scuba diving, using various means of transportation, buying property, clothes, tattoos, etc. To say there is a lot to do is an understatement.

Graphics: Rockstar has finally made a GTA game look as beautiful as the most impressive games out there. The character models and the world are at the height of the series. Everything looks great, the characters move and talk like real people out here and the physics of cars are not so outrageous as in previous games. It is a joy to see and play.

Sound: For the first time a GTA game has its own “real soundtrack” in addition to the licensed music. There is an original score that fits so perfectly with the game. On top of that there were songs created by artists that were really GTA songs. The licensed music is actually really good with music ranging from rock to hip hop to oldies and even southwestern Spanish music. What tops all of this is the superb voice acting. The actors playing the main characters especially bring life to the game’s soundtrack. This is another high point to the GTA world.

Control: Moving your characters is pretty fluid. They do not feel jerky to move like in the older GTA games. The same over the head shoulder buttons come back from the previous installment. Driving the cars requires the shoulder buttons, but this configuration feels natural for sure. Helicopters are still challenging to fly but it is no big deal.

Grand Theft Auto V is the best game in the series. It exceeds expectations and is an automatic classic. The inclusion of three main characters worked wonderfully and you feel like you are in their world as you go through the game. Los Santos feels alive and you will too. Check out the scenery, get in trouble, purchase property or just dress to look cool; GTA V is a masterpiece.

Grade: 9.5


  • Another great souls game
  • DLCs are the best ever
  • Lots of armor and weapons to collect
  • PVP has improved


  • Sometimes hit boxes are unfair


Dark Souls II won a few awards in 2014. List of accolades:

2014 Game Awards
2014 Overall Game of the Year
1st Place - Best RPG (PS3)
1st Place - Best Multiplayer/Co-op (PS3)