Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

The Guns of the Patriots is the thrilling conclusion for the Metal Gear Solid series. It is graphically the best game on the PS3 and its voice acting is top notch. The series formula of long cut scenes continue here, and I mean long, but it is detailing the entire series and gives us answers to what has transpired throughout Solid Snake’s journey and battle with Revolver Ocelot. The controls are easy to navigate and the stages you navigate through conclude with well thought out boss battles. Metal Gear Solid 4 is the 2008 Game of the Year.

Presentation: Snake’s journey takes him all over the world and is divided into chapters. You start the game in the Middle East because it gives us a glimpse of how the war economy has affected that region. You are still chasing Ocelot (aka Liquid attached) and trying to find out what his plot is with the Patriots. You then go to South America, Europe and a familiar area in your battle against the bad guys. The bosses in the game pay homage in sorts to the original Solid game.

The camouflage system of Snake Eater has evolved in this game. Due to his advanced age, Snake dons a black soldier suit that can camouflage to whatever floor or wall her presses on. This adds another form of stealth to the game. You do have the option to just go wild and shoot your way to your destinations but this will increase the difficult as waves and waves of enemies will continue to chase you until you either beat them or hide.

A welcome addition is the shop you are able to access once you meet a weapons dealer during the game. Points you earned can be used to buy items, weapons and weapon modifications. There are a lot of items to customize, a really good amount for sure. Fighting enemies has also been revamped. It is easier to aim at specific body parts and you can grapple and hold enemies easier to shield yourself.

Graphics: Metal Gear Solid 4 has the best graphics on the PS3 by far. The characters are so real you have to ask Kojima how he and his team are able to accomplish such feat. Character movements look fluid and the stages are very in-depth, even the short espionage mission in Europe. The snow in one of the later stages and its effects on your screen are one cut above the rest.

Sound: The music and sound of MGS 4 takes the cake for this year. Voice acting is superb, especially Mr. Hayter as Snake. Weapon noises are loud and vary on type. There is nothing negative to say regarding the sound for this game.

Control: Snake plays fluidly. The third person over the shoulder shooting style and 3D environments are the best of the series. Shooting has never been so exact. Snake still has not learned to jump but it’s all about stealth. Sneaking is easier now that the camera is not top-down.

The production value of MGS4 is very high. The cut-scenes are like watching a movie. The sights and sound go well together throughout your quest. You even take part on a mech fight that cannot be spoiled here. Snake’s journey at the end and its ending are what separates masterpieces from good games. Kojima has continued to take the Solid series to new heights while revisiting and paying homage to certain places and people from past games. This will go down as one of the PS3’s best overall games ever.

Score: 10

2008 Game Awards
Best Overall Game of the Year
Best PS3 Game
Best Graphics (PS3)
Best Action Game (PS3)
Best PS Exclusive
Best Story (PS3)
2nd Best Music/Sound (PS3)