Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar has created the best western game of all time. The protagonist, John Marston, will go down as one of the greatest video game characters of all time. The Wild West has never been depicted as great as this and Red Dead Redemption has easily won the 2010 PS3 Game of the Year.

Presentation: It is the early 20th century and the time of the Wild West is slowly changing. You play as John Marston, an outlaw from a criminal gang who is out to kill members of his former team for a favor, a big one that is. The game does not start off having you shoot people and especially friendly NPCs without some type of consequence. When you are finally able to get the bad guys, you find that on your way to do so there are many other things to do. There are side quests that include horse racing, beating burglars, rounding herd, hunting, fishing, gambling and my personal favorite shoot out draws.

Your horse is your best friend. Once you are able to ride your horse you are free to roam the country side. It is a surreal scene to see the sunset while you ride your horse and or take a stage coach from point A to B. Mr. Marston not only plays out his trials in the United States but there will be a section in the game that he actually travels down to Mexico to finish some business. The sandbox world of Redemption is massive. You will go from deserts to prairies, mountain ranges, river beds, ghost towns and other locales through your journey.

Graphics: Red Dead Redemption looks great. There are other games out there that have better CGI’s and what not but the world looks real and beautiful. A lot looks like cactus filled wastelands but the sure amount of details to these plains really makes you feel that you are in the southwest of the United States. The characters look great for a Rockstar game for sure. I believe it is the best work they have done so far.

Sound: The soundtrack is the most memorable rendition of an old western movie. You really feel like you are in a Clint Eastwood type of setting due to the music. When you are riding your horse and that whistling tune starts to pop up, it sends a serene calmness of how much more simple life was back then.

Control: Shooting and using your rope to lasso animals and enemies is fun. I am glad that there is an auto option for your shot, but if you want more of a challenge you can do without it. Sometimes your character can feel a little gimpy when trying to run but besides that Redemption’s controllers and camera angle are fine.

Taking the journey with John Marston is unforgettable. Going between the few towns is fun on horseback or on a carriage. You pull out heists or protect people from being robbed. You hunt bad guys for a reward, earning more money if you bring them alive. If you want more items to customize you can search for them and hunt animals both big and small. The NPCs you meet are really unique and brings the world more alive. No western game comes even close to Red Dead Redemption. This is Rockstar’s most unique title up to date.

Score: 9.8

2010 Game Awards
1st Place Best Overall Game (PS3/PS2)1st Place Best PS3 Game
1st Place Best Music/Sound (PS3)
1st Place Best Adventure Game (PS3)
1st Place Best Multiplayer/Co-op (PS3)