Titanfall 2

Titanfall was an Xbox exclusive and it came as a big surprise that the sequel would come to the PS4 as well. The original game was an online multiplayer only experience. There is a better focus on the multiplayer portion in the sequel but this time a single player journey was added, and boy was it a delight.

The single player journey of Titanfall 2 is different compared to the majority of other shooters. It is a great looking adventure but its mechanics are outstanding. You play as Jack, a human soldier who glides, grapples and shoots his way through this action-packed adventure. You are also able to go inside a titan named BT whose personality rubs off on you in a delightful way and the interaction between the two is memorable. The titan segments are vast and after navigating the stages you are treated to some very fun boss fights. The titan has its own moves compared to the human and I believe this is one of the better mech games in a very long time. You can also change BT's movesets as you progress through the story. Sometimes you play a titan mode heavy on machine gun, or your want to shoot missiles or lasers. It is up to you.

The only drawback is that it is a short quest, lasting anywhere from 6-7 hours. The positive is that the missions are not dull. It is not the same lets go down the corridors and then fight a boss kind of deal. The locales and missions vary with intense combat and this is what stands out the most from the campaign; it is not a dull shooter but a fantastic ride from start to finish. New mechanics are introduced as you advance which keeps things fresh.

The multiplayer is fast paced and very enjoyable. There are team deathmatches either for human players or titans (Last Titan Standing). There are many other modes like capturing zones and bounty hunt to name a few. You are also able to play and unlock different types of titans. The variations of the machines steal the show. You have heavy tank titans, a faster titan that moves like aninja (has the sword to prove it), power hitters and much more. The options help the fighting not become stale. It is heart pounding when your human character ends up close to an enemy titan only to smash you you somehow get awa and find the right gun to use against your enemy. How your titan arrives is intense as well. There is a cool timer that keeps countind down and when it is time you can call your titan. The animation of it landing and you getting on is heart pounding especially in a tight contest.

Titanfall 2 was a surprise hit for its innovative fun single player adventure and for its improvement with the multiplayer mode. Other big name games came out during the same time but none were as good as Titanfall 2. It is 2016's Best Shooter by far, both for it's fantastic single and multiplayer modes. It is a very nice looking game and the intense matches using titans makes it one of the best action shooters in a long time.

Grade: 9.5


  • Great single player campaign
  • Memorable relationship between main characters
  • Very good shooting mechanics
  • PVP is very fun


  • PVP can sometimes be unfair


Titanfall 2 won an award in 2016. List if accolades:

2016 Game Awards
2nd Place - Game of the Year
1st Place - Best Shooter
2nd Place - Best Multiplayer-Co-op