Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Uncharted 2 raises the bar on the PS3. It looks better than the original, even though the original has some of the best graphics already. Somehow, Naughty Dog has created the best looking PS3 ever (beating out Metal Gear Solid 4). Drake and the cast make this a memorable question. It is action packed, the sounds are phenomenal and the production value surpasses most action movies by far. Uncharted 2 is the 2009 PS3 Game of the Year.

Presentation: There is nothing but rave reviews on the presentation of this game. The switch from cut-scenes to gun fights and the suspense it provides is nothing short of perfect. Fighting enemies and taking cover has improved in this sequel. Finding hidden treasure and unlocking upgrades has never been so fun.

Besides how gorgeous the game looks nothing says a great action game without exciting, well action of course. Uncharted 2 will leave you on the edge of you seat as you shoot your way to retrieving the important treasure that Drake is after this time. Of course, Naughty Dog has placed clever puzzles in your route so it is not just a shooting game. The puzzles are well-conceived and vary in difficulty. The great part though is that they are not so hard that it destroys the mood of the game. Your explorer’s notebook comes in handy for many of the puzzles. The cast of characters is one of the game’s highest points as well. The interaction between Sully and Nathan is still very dynamic. The inclusion of another female character Chloe, throws a fascinating spin to Mr. Drake and Elena’s relationship. Chloe is also a tough lass as well. The antagonist is an improvement to the original game’s villain as well.

Graphics: The locales and graphics are by far the best on the PS3. Nothing comes close to how wonderful this game looks. Gun fights look great, background enemies like helicopters roam the skies, walking in the snow feels so real, explosions are fantastic, and the facial animations of the characters are just so mind boggling; in a great way.

Sound: The Uncharted theme gets you pumped to take on another expedition. The music quality translates so well with the action and inaction that takes place in this game. The voice acting is at another high level. The quality of the music and sounds gets you really immersed on this quest.

Control: The over the shoulder shooting is top-notch. Moving Nathan is a little smoother than the last game. The jumping mechanics could still use some work because there are many instances where you can fall to your death due to the timing of your jump. Picking up shields and using cover has never been better though.

Uncharted 2 has taken the crown as the Best PS3 game ever. The multiplayer mode is really fun with games like all out shooting brawls or taking the flag type of situations. It can be argued to be a whole game by itself with the sheer amount of options you have to play. Up to this point, this multiplayer option is the best the PS3 has to offer by far. The single player campaign and its Hollywood style action packed sequences are just too fun to put down the controller. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will rank in the top five all time games for sure. Have fun playing as Nathan Drake once again.

Score: 9.8

2009 Game Awards
1st Place Overall Game of the Year1st Place Best PS3 Game
1st Place Best Graphics (PS3)
1st Place Best Action Game (PS3)1st Place Best PS Exclusive2nd Place Best Music/Sound (PS3)
3rd Place Best Story (PS3)